Philippe Capron : "Finance and sustainable development go hand in hand"

ASDR 2010

Finance and sustainable development go hand in hand

« A company’s financial performance also relies on its sustainable development policy, which enables it to understand its extrafinancial risks as well as create opportunities. Vivendi is particularly exposed to reputation risks.
The influence of our activities on our customers in all the countries where the Group operates is very strong. Our brands are more and more at risk – new media practices on the part of young audiences; leveraging of our content; management of personal data; relations with our suppliers; large investments to reduce the digital gap in a world that is hard pressed to keep up with the extremely rapid evolution of the information and communication technologies.
These issues are integrated into our risk map and taken into account by the international financial community. Our company can erase much value if it lacks vigilance, if it does not understand its risks, and if it is unable to manage them. And in fact it can gain value not only by covering those risks but also by arming itself with competitive advantages over its competitors.
And so the fact that we have positioned culture and intercultural dialogue among our priorities enables us to win market shares and gives us legitimacy in the eyes of civil society, the public authorities, and the younger generations who want to be involved in the information society and in the cultural life of their own countries and even beyond their borders. »