Sarah Frank

SDR 2007-2008

« Society today demands that corporations be more than just engines for making money; it expects that they will also look with care at the big issues which concern society and make their contribution to advancing the public good. To fulfill this expectation, a corporation must determine which causes it will support, which issues are of concern to it – and then manage its businesses with a clear focus on its issues and an unswerving determination to carry forward its causes. Vivendi does this through its programs that promote cultural diversity, protect minors and share knowledge.
This approach to sustainable development is at the core of what Vivendi does. As a global distributor and producer of content, Vivendi delivers entertainment and services across many diverse platforms. Vivendi strives to provide the most innovative and highest quality entertainment and services possible in order to satisfy the diverse demands of the marketplace, at the same time leveraging its capabilities so that it can make a distinct contribution to society. Vivendi’s focused approach to sustainable development adds enormous value to the company as well as to the communities in which it does business.
As a member of Vivendi’s Supervisory Board, I am proud that I have a part in helping to focus on the ways the Company distinguishes itself and carries forward its commitment to sustainable development. »