Tarak Ben Ammar


Tarak Ben Ammar
Member of the Supervisory Board

Member of the Supervisory Board

French citizen

Business Address

Quinta Communications
32-34, rue Poussin,
75016 Paris – France

Expertise and experience

Mr. Tarak Ben Ammar was born on June 12, 1949 in Tunis. He is a cultural entrepreneur, working in audiovisual media both in Europe and worldwide.

He began his career in 1974 by convincing a number of American producers to produce parts of their films in Tunisia. In this way he participated in the production of a number of international films, including the blockbusters Star Wars (George Lucas) and Raiders of the Lost Ark (Steven Spielberg). He has produced or co-produced more than 70 movies, including the prestigious La Traviata (Franco Zeffirelli), Pirates (Roman Polanski), The Passion of Christ (Mel Gibson) and L’Or Noir (Jean-Jacques Annaud).

Concomitantly, he developed a group presence in several countries, including France, Italy, North Africa and the United States:

  • in France, through his company Quinta Communications, he participated with the Caisse des Dépôts in the recovery and development of a leading post-production group, based on the restructuring of Les Laboratoires Eclair, an emblematic company within the French film industry. He also partnered with Luc Besson to develop the Cité du Cinéma project;
  • in Italy, his subsidiary Prima TV has rapidly established its position as the fourth-largest multimedia group, behind Mediaset, RAI and Sky, primarily through Société Eagle, the largest independent distributor in the country. In 2013, the telecommunications group Nabil Sawiris purchased a stake in Prima;
  • in North Africa, he founded and developed the TV channel Nessma, which has become the leading television channel in Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya and the second biggest channel in Morocco. Through its democratic positioning and independence, this channel played a central role in the Arab Spring. He is also a shareholder in the Egyptian TV channel ONTV; and
  • in the United States, with the Weinstein brothers and Goldman Sachs, he co-founded the independent studio “The Weinstein Company”, which has produced, among other films, The King’s Speech and The Artist.




Mr. Tarak Ben Ammar is a corporate Director of several companies, including The Weinstein Company in the United States and Mediobanca in Italy where he serves as an independent corporate Director.

He graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. with a degree in international economics.

Positions currently held

Quinta Communications SA (France), Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director
A Prime Group SAS (France), Member of the Supervisory Board
Téléclair SARL (France), Manager
Edison SAS (France), Member of the Management Board
Holland Coordinator & Service Company B.V. (Netherlands), Shareholder and Director
A1 International Investment B.V. (Pays-Bas), Supervisory Director
Nessma SA (Luxembourg), Director
Andromeda Tunisie SA (Tunisia), Chairman and Managing Director
Quinta Communications Distribution Tunisie SARL (Tunisia), Manager
Quinta Communications LTC Gammarth SARL (Tunisia), Manager
Carthago Films Services SARL (Tunisia), Manager
Empire Productions SARL (Tunisia), Manager
Holland Coordinator & Service Company Italia SpA (Italy), Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director
Eagle Pictures SpA (Italy), Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director
Europa Network Srl (Italy), Director
Prima TV SpA (Italy), Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director
Delta Films Limited (UK), Director
Delta (The Last Legion) Limited (UK), Director
Delta (Young Hannibal) Limited (UK), Director
The Weinstein Company Holdings LLC (USA), Board Member


Other positions and offices

Telecom Italia SpA (*) (Italy), Director
La Centrale Finanziare Generale SpA (Italy), Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director
Mediobanca SpA (*) (Italy), Member of the Supervisory Board


Positions previously held that have expired during the last five years

Ex Machina SAS (France), Chairman
Promotions et Participations International SA (Luxembourg), Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director
Lux Vide Finanziaria per iniziative audiovisive e telematiche SpA (Italy), Director
Europa TV SpA (Italy), Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director
Quinta Communications USA, Inc. (USA), Director
Quinta Communications Italia Srl (Italy), Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director
Imperium SpA (Italy), Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director


(*)    Listed companies.