TargetSpot Announces TargetSpot Passport Audio Ad Serving and Analytics Technology

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New York, February 7, 2017

TargetSpot Announces TargetSpot Passport Audio Ad Serving and Analytics Technology


The world’s largest digital audio ad platform launches the next generation of advertising analytics and monetization technology

TargetSpot, the world’s largest and most advanced digital audio ad platform, today announced the launch of TargetSpot Passport, a new tool dedicated to digital audio advertising technology and analytics built for the specific needs of the digital audio advertising community. Over the last year, TargetSpot has developed a robust set of ad serving and yield tools to create TargetSpot Passport, a new tool to help digital audio publishers make quicker and more efficient business decisions. Powered by real-time insights, TargetSpot Passport simplifies the workflow and opens new ways of monetizing the advertising inventory – with the simplest and seamless tools available to the industry today.

TargetSpot Passport was created in response to this request continually expressed by our existing global community of clients and Publishers. TargetSpot Passport launched in beta January 2017 to a select group of partners and publishers represented by TargetSpot Media Sales Team. The ad serving and analytics tool is the first launch of TargetSpot Passport ad suite, providing publishers with the necessary tools to fosters business insights and increase effective monetization.

“We’ve built powerful forecasting and yield capabilities combined with robust analytics and real-time performance dashboards maximizing revenue from a publishers’ sellable inventory.“ said Alexandre Saboundjian CEO TargetSpot. “We continue our mission to support publishers in developing income and better managing their inventory. We created TargetSpot Passport as a true audio ad-serving and analytics tool – built by digital audio experts specifically for the digital audio advertising community”.

About TargetSpot

TargetSpot is the largest most advanced digital audio advertising platform, connecting top national brands, regional, and local advertisers to highly engaged Internet and mobile audiences across desktop, mobile and connected devices. Advertisers work with TargetSpot to reach more than one third of all digital audio listeners [over 50 Million people] however and wherever they listen through high-impact audio, display, and pre-roll video, and branded content advertising solutions. TargetSpot advertisers can target consumers by demographics, listening preferences, psychographic segmentation, and geography down to postcode level, while benefitting from real-time reporting and analytics, as well as access to its more than 85 distribution partners. TargetSpot is a unit of Vivendi Village, part of Vivendi, the global media and content group.

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