Vivendi is a world leader in communication and entertainment and is keen to continue strengthening its positions in creation and distribution of content. The business model of subscription or Internet-based commerce is core to the growth of its activities and occupies a prominent place. For this reason and also because of the high volume of personal data collected and processed in the course of its activities, Vivendi respects your right to privacy protection and is committed to providing its services within a trusted environment. That is why Vivendi has taken the initiative of introducing this Data and Content Protection Charter setting forth the principles to be respected by each of its business units depending on their activity and specific organization in each of the countries in which it is active. In this respect, Vivendi is concerned that its business partners should respect its values and codes of conduct in each country where it is active.

1. Protection of personal data

1.1 Personal data

Vivendi’s activities require users to provide certain personal data. The procedures for collecting and processing these personal data must therefore respect certain basic rights in a spirit of fairness and transparency.

Vivendi commits to:

  • collecting, processing or retaining your personal data solely for carrying out defined, legitimate and relevant purposes for which you have given your consent,
  • retaining your personal data no longer than is required by the purposes and nature of our processing operations,
  • ensuring the confidentiality of your data by authorizing disclosure only to those people or entities responsible for processing this data. However, Vivendi will be bound to disclose your personal data to third parties to whom it must be disclosed in order to comply with legal, regulatory, judicial or any other request emanating from an authority enabled to compel it,
  • ensuring the integrity of your personal data,
  • guaranteeing your right to information by responding to your questions concerning processing of your data and respecting your right to access, rectify, delete or oppose dissemination of such data,
  • informing you of technical measures taken to secure your personal data.

1.2 Safety of online exchanges and consumer rights

The need for confidence in the safety of data and transactions is an essential requirement expressed by Web users. Vivendi is committed to protecting its customers and subscribers from fraudulent activities.

Vivendi commits to:

  • using all necessary means to maintain the confidentiality of your data and the safety of your online transactions,
  • identifying and using suitable techniques to keep records of executed transactions,
  • working to avoid advertising practices that mislead children,
  • complying strictly with consumer protection legislation,
  • establishing teams dedicated to answer consumer online questions,
  • obtaining the prior consent of Web users before sending advertising messages.

2 – Protection of content

2.1 Ethics covering content

It is essential to respect freedom of expression as well as to prevent the spread of unlawful material. Vivendi actively supports the search to find the right balance, especially in favour of protecting children.

Vivendi commits to:

  • promoting techniques for choosing or controlling content (filtering systems and other selection methods),
  • cooperating actively with competent authorities working against the spread of unlawful material,
  • promoting standards and guidelines on which the group builds its future,
  • promoting awareness by parents and children of new technologies uses.

2.2 Respect of intellectual property

The quantity of data and content available on the Internet and the ease with which it can be circulated should not result in the violation of intellectual property rights. Vivendi will implement the appropriate measures to protect these rights depending on the activities concerned

Vivendi commits to:

  • informing you of your rights and obligations when using legally protected content,
  • promoting techniques to protect works and restrict the spread of pirated versions,
  • making all its efforts to promote best practices in content protection.


To better understand your expectations, Vivendi commits to building dialogue with individuals, non-profit organizations, companies and institutions. This Charter will evolve to reflect the results of such dialogue. Vivendi is convinced that harmonious development of its activities requires respect of these principles and is therefore laying the groundwork today to guarantee a long term and sustainable relationship with you. 2. The Protection of Children and Assertion of a Code of Ethics for Content It is important to respect the freedom of expression and the confidential nature of private messages. It is equally important to prevent the spread of unlawful material.

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