When you browse our Site and view its pages, cookies may be placed on your device.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file stored by a server on your device (e.g., computer, phone, etc.) and associated with a web domain. This file is automatically sent back to the server when you visit the same domain again.

Cookies can serve several purposes.  For instance, they can be used to store your browser settings or the language in which the web page is displayed. They can also be used to track your browsing activity for statistical purposes.

Some of these uses are strictly necessary for the operation and use of the site as you expected and therefore, are exempt from requiring your prior consent. Others, however, require your express consent before being read or written to your device.

Furthermore, we distinguish between two types of cookies: third-party cookies and first-party cookies. First-party cookies are placed by the site you are visiting and browsing (specifically on the site’s domain). Third-party cookies, conversely, are placed by domains other than that of the site you are visiting and are typically managed by third parties that are integrated into the site you visit.

Which cookies do we use on our Site?

When you browse our Site and view its pages, various cookies may be placed on your device:

  • Cookies necessary for its operation, especially the cookie named “Tarteaucitron” which allows the recording of your choice regarding consent to non-essential cookies. You can object to their use by following the detailed procedure below, depending on your browser. However, blocking these cookies may impact your browsing experience and reduce the quality of the services we offer. It could even prevent you from using certain services or the Site.
  • Cookies subject to your express consent, especially those enabling you to listen to audio recordings or podcasts, or to watch videos or webcasts. Indeed, audio and video recordings, podcasts, and webcasts are provided through third-party services such as Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo, or Spotify. When you access such content, and with your express consent, these third parties may place cookies on your device to help them identify you and your preferences.

How to refuse the placement of cookies on your device?

If you wish, you can prevent the storage of cookies necessary for the functioning of the Site by configuring your browser according to the procedures detailed below. We want to emphasize that this action could modify or even impair your browsing experience on our Site and affect the quality of services we can provide to you.

In the case of third-party cookies that require your prior consent, you can refuse the placement of these cookies by clicking on “Refuse All” within the banner displayed when you first connect to the Site. You can also set your preferences by clicking on “Customize.”  Since we don’t oversee the procedures these third parties use to collect information related to your browsing on our Site, we recommend reviewing their data protection policies. This way, you can understand their purposes, especially concerning advertising, and make an informed choice.

Regardless, you can always modify your preferences by visiting the “Cookies Policy” section.

Links to cookies setting procedures by browser:

For Mozilla Firefox :


For Microsoft Internet Explorer :


For Chrome :


For Safari :


To learn about the options provided by any other browsing software and how to delete cookie files stored on your device, the CNIL details the steps to follow to limit your traces on the Internet. They also explain the cookie management settings procedures via the following link: http://www.cnil.fr/vos-droits/vos-traces/les-cookies/conseils-aux-internautes/ie.

Sharing of cookies within the Vivendi Group

Subject to your express consent, Vivendi Group subsidiaries may place cookies or other trackers on your device and process and share with the entities of the Group the data derived from these trackers related to your browsing, for specific, legitimate purposes as set out in their own privacy policies. For more information about this sharing within the Group, please click here.

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