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Music is Vivendi’s most significant asset through Universal Music Group (UMG). As the world leader in the music industry, home to the greatest local and international artists, UMG has three main operating businesses: recorded music (of which UMG is the worldwide leader with a market share of more than 30%), music publishing and merchandising.

At year-end 2017, Universal Music Group had revenues of €5.673 billion.


logo_white_umgThe recorded music business discovers and develops artists. These artists are signed under one of the 50 UMG labels covering all genres (Mercury, Def Jam, Capitol Records, Deutsche Grammophon, etc.). In 2017, the best sellers were not only confirmed international artists such as Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and The Weeknd, but also local artists such as Louane and Calogero in France, Helene Fischer in Germany, HKT 48 and Back Number in Japan, and Luis Fonsi in Latin America.

The music publishing business acquires music rights and licenses those rights for use in recordings, movies, televised broadcasts, advertising, concerts and other public events. The combined music publishing catalog of Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) contains more than three million titles, either owned or managed.

UMG has developed a merchandising business via its Bravado subsidiary, which designs branded products that are sold during tours, in specialty stores and online.

The digital revolution has drastically transformed the music business model in recent years. Streaming, and particularly subscription, has developed significantly, overtaking downloading in many countries. UMG supports these new consumption methods, particularly through partnerships with both established and emerging digital businesses. More than 400 licensing agreements were signed with platforms all over the world.

UMG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vivendi.


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