Live entertainment is at the heart of Vivendi Village‘s activities. It is one of the most engaging and emotional forms of entertainment and a natural extension of our content businesses.

Through Olympia Production, Vivendi owns a booking agency as well as a show and concert promoter for French-speaking music artists and stand-up comedians. It is the producer of 20 brand-led festivals in the UK (U Live) and in France (Olympia Production). Vivendi Village also own concert and show venues, in particular the iconic L’Olympia in Paris, and a network of movie theaters across Africa that regularly host large popular concerts.

See Tickets is a leader in the global ticketing business, with a well-implemented network in nine European countries and the United States. In total, no fewer than 39 million tickets were sold in 2022. Among its clients are the prestigious Glastonbury Festival, Tomorrowland and the Château de Versailles.