We are a significant player in content distribution in the digital world through Dailymotion, a global video streaming service, and myCanal, Canal+’s app.

Every month Dailymotion connects more than 350 million users worldwide to the videos that are most relevant to them (music, entertainment, news, sports, …). In 2019, it entered into over 280 agreements with leading global publishers, including 70 in the United States. These partnerships are part of Dailymotion’s premium strategy of offering the best content to a high-quality audience throughout the world. In May 2020, Dailymotion announced a strategic partnership with Huawei Video which has integrated Dailymotion’s video player technology in its application.

Canal+ provides access to content from all Canal+ offers, live or on demand, and all its associated services, through a single point of entry, regardless of the equipment used (PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets, Apple TV, Android TV) through its myCanal app. Regarded as a “favorite” app in the App Store, myCanal has over 20 million downloaded apps and 2 million unique visitors a day in France. The app is also available in Poland and in Africa.