We are a significant player in content distribution in the digital world through Dailymotion.

The Dailymotion ecosystem consists of a video hosting platform, a state-of-the-art video player solution, an international network of partner publishers and a video monetization program platform. The complementary nature of its activities gives Dailymotion the capacity to enable publishers, businesses and advertisers to increase their revenues, their audience engagement and the impact of their marketing campaigns.

Dailymotion connects close to 400 million users every month. In 2023, it launched a new app to reach a wider audience, especially younger generations. Its mission, as a positive alternative to the dominant social media, is to bring more nuance to everyday debates, using an algorithm that promotes exploration rather than inwardness, and to encourage users to interact differently and listen to each other with more kindness.

Dailymotion boasts a partner ecosystem of more than 3,000 publishers around the world. Since the launch of its new positioning, more than 600 creators that are particularly popular with young people, in a wide range of categories: sports, culture, music, gaming, technology, cooking, health and more.

Dailymotion’s video player provides an optimal streaming experience for publishers and businesses wanting to deliver their content online. It was developed entirely by Dailymotion’s engineering teams in HTML5 and is constantly optimized to allow the smooth streaming of live and high-definition videos on all devices.

In addition, Dailymotion has developed a video marketing platform that supports advertisers and agencies with consumer behavior analysis and activation through video campaigns.

In March 2024, Dailymotion launched Dailymotion Pro, a new, made-in-France video hosting and streaming solution for professionals.