We are a significant player in content distribution in the digital world through Dailymotion, a global video streaming service, and myCanal, Canal+’s app.

Every month, Dailymotion connects more than 350 million Internet users worldwide to high-interest news, entertainment, music and sports content each month. It stands out from its competitors by mainly offering videos produced by professional editors in an environment that respects the user experience. Dailymotion currently boasts a network of more than 7,000 professional publishers around the world, including the Le Monde Group, AS, Kicker, Condé Nast, Marmiton, the Hearst group, Webedia, Konbini and L’Équipe. Each year, it extends its network in new countries including Asia and Latin America – where the platform is experiencing strong growth – in 2021.

Canal+ provides access to content from all Canal+ offers, live or on demand, and all its associated services, through a single point of entry, regardless of the equipment used (PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets, Apple TV, Android TV) through its myCanal app. Regarded as a “favorite” app in the App Store, myCanal has 1.7 million unique visitors a day and nearly 12 million a day. In 2021, two-thirds of Canal+ subscribers in France used myCanal to watch their programs. A proportion that has doubled in five years.
Since 2020, the platform has also been deployed in overseas territories and in 29 countries in Europe and Africa where Canal+ Group is present.