GEO has had a makeover! Published by Prisma Media since 1979, the popular magazine, which sells 108,067 copies a month and reaches seven million French readers over the same period, is undergoing a major transformation. Committed to becoming a media with a positive impact on society and the environment, GEO intends to connect its readers with nature and the world, which are undergoing profound change. GEO aims to establish itself as THE reference media for raising French people’s awareness of environmental and societal changes.

GEO is in line with the recommendations made in the latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report for the media. By taking a stand against feelings of eco-anxiety, it will be highlighting the beauty of the world and the practical solutions that can be adopted to preserve biodiversity. It will feature a wealth of personal accounts and portraits of men and women committed to ecological transition and environmental conservation.

Each issue will feature a new cover, new events, new features (Terre de possibles, En tête à tête, La France Buissonnière) and more local reports to help readers discover France in a different way.

The December edition, on sale since 29 November, launches this new formula, and will introduce readers to the first anti-poaching school in South Africa, Scotland for “a return to our roots”, the enigma of the Jonas Caves in France, and the beauty of dolphins.

GEO will be rolling out its new ecosystem across all its print, digital and social media channels (four new video formats are being launched to raise awareness among younger readers). “L’horizon et au-delà”, a new series of podcasts on how landscapes are changing, will also be launched.

Alongside its new positioning, the brand, supported by the consultancy firm “Imagine 2050”, will also be taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint.


A media plan for GEO-THERAPY

To support the roll-out of its new brand platform, GEO chose HAVAS Paris to create an advertising campaign around the concept of GEO-THERAPY. Against a backdrop of growing eco-anxiety, GEO gives people the energy to reconnect with nature. This reconnection has a positive impact on physical and mental health and allows people to make a realistic commitment to preserving nature at their own level. A media plan will be rolled out at the end of the year, covering posters, radio, press, social networks and digital media. Point-of-sale promotions are also planned.