Vivendi today announced the conclusion of a settlement agreement with all the institutional investors who, after having their claims dismissed by the Paris Commercial Court on July 7, 2021, continued to seek damages before the Paris Court of Appeal for losses supposedly incurred as a result of allegedly inaccurate financial communications published by the former Vivendi management between 2000 and 2002.

This agreement, with no admission of fault or liability whatsoever, allows Vivendi to eliminate a litigation risk and puts an end to a dispute initiated in 2011 concerning events that occurred more than twenty years ago.


About Vivendi

Since 2014, Vivendi has been building a world-class content, media and communications group. Canal+ Group is a major player in the creation and distribution of cinema and audiovisual content on all continents. With Lagardère, Vivendi is the world’s third-largest book publisher for the general public and educational markets, and a leading global player in travel retail. Havas is one of the largest global communications groups with a presence in more than 100 countries. Vivendi is also active in the magazine business (Prisma Media), and in video games (Gameloft). It also owns a global digital content distribution platform (Dailymotion) and a subsidiary dedicated to providing very high-speed Internet access in Africa (GVA). Vivendi’s various activities work closely together as an integrated group committed to transforming its businesses to meet the expectations of the public and anticipate constant changes. As a committed group, Vivendi contributes to building more open, inclusive, and responsible societies by supporting diverse and inventive creative works, promoting broader access to culture, education, and its industries, and increasing awareness of 21st century challenges and opportunities.

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