Vivendi places a €2.1 billion bond


Vivendi today successfully placed a €2.1 billion bond comprised of three tranches with maturities of three, six and nine and a half years, respectively.

The first tranche of €700 million has a coupon of 0.00% and was issued at a price of 99.67%, corresponding to a 0.11% yield.

The second tranche of €700 million has a coupon of 0.625% and was issued at a price of 99.912%, corresponding to a 0.64% yield.

The third tranche of €700 million has a coupon of 1.125% and was issued at a price of 98.924%, corresponding to a 1.246% yield.

This issue, which was oversubscribed more than 2.5 times, is intended to finance the proposed acquisition of M7 and allow the Group to take advantage of favorable market conditions as its €700 million bond issue will mature in December 2019.

The bond was placed with institutional investors.



About Vivendi

Since 2014, Vivendi has been focused on building a world-class content, media and communications group with European roots. In content creation, Vivendi owns powerful, complementary assets in music (Universal Music Group), movies and series (Canal+ Group), publishing (Editis) and mobile games (Gameloft) which are the most popular forms of entertainment content in the world today. In the distribution market, Vivendi has acquired the Dailymotion platform and repositioned it to create a new digital showcase for its content. The Group has also joined forces with several telecom operators and platforms to maximize the reach of its distribution networks. In communications, through Havas. the Group possesses unique creative expertise in promoting free content and producing short formats, which are increasingly viewed on mobile devices. In addition, through Vivendi Village, the Group explores new forms of business in live entertainment, franchises and ticketing that are complementary to its core activities. Vivendi’s various businesses cohesively work together as an integrated industrial group to create greater value. www.vivendi.com


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The bond will be listed on the Euronext Paris market.