Youth plays the game!

“L’Odéon – Théâtre de l’Europe” develops the “Adolescence et Territoire(s)” program for 24 teenagers from different Paris areas.

“Odeon – Théâtre de l’Europe” develops the “Adolescence et Territoire(s)” program, a project for teenagers from different Paris areas : the 17th district of Paris, Saint-Ouen and Gennevilliers. 20 teenagers aged 15 to 20 years contribute to a theatrical creation, lead by professionals.

Beyond the rewarding and enriching experience of theatrical creation with professionals, young people are encouraged to do some soul-searching about identity and territory: abolishing borders between original areas and social classes, this initiative creates connection and sharing between participants and the audience. Internships, rehearsals and performances take place in the different partner’s cities. A digital diary of the experience is designed and produced by young people through the tools they know about (mobile phone, social networks, Internet) which allows to initiate reflection and awareness on the image rights, and generally the use of the Internet and social networks.