On Tuesday 26 September 2023, the Accélérateur Numérique Responsable (the Responsible Digital Accelerator) conference * was held at Vivendi headquarters. This conference, born through a collaboration between the Group’s Innovation & Strategy Department and the CSR Department, reflects the Group’s strong commitment to a digital approach with a controlled environmental footprint.

The subjects covered were perfectly aligned with Vivendi’s strategy, which is based on three pillars: Integration of its entities, Innovation and Internationalization. The Group intends to consolidate its global presence while remaining innovative and adopting sustainable solutions.

“The theme explored today, which combines innovation and CSR, is of huge importance to Vivendi. Through this event, we have further reinforced the commitment of all of the Group’s entities through the sharing of operational solutions and best practices. We have also identified projects to be tackled together”, say Sébastien Auligny, VP Innovation, and Damien Marchi, VP CSR.

With the intensification of environmental and social challenges, the company’s digital responsibility is increasingly becoming a priority. Several topics were addressed during the day:

  • Integrating a CSR approach into an IT Systems Department (presented by Havas Paris and BETC).
  • The circular economy and asset recycling (Dailymotion).
  • How to decarbonize streaming (Canal+ Group).
  • Exploring low code and no code (Gameloft).
  • Decarbonizing digital advertising (Prisma Media).

These topics have been explored in greater depth with a view to developing concrete actions in the Group’s entities. Some of them could concern the whole Group, such as the “Impact General” platform developed by BETC Fullsix to provide information on the digital carbon footprint in everyday life, the “GARM Sustainability” (Global Alliance for Responsible Media) initiative, of which Havas Media is a member, to reduce the carbon footprint of advertising, or the computer equipment reconditioning program already set up by Dailymotion.

Vivendi also wants to play an active role in digital inclusion and in helping the most vulnerable. Attendees in the day’s event made donations to associations selected by www.captaincause.com. Finally, to limit the carbon footprint of the event, all the meals served were vegan.

*for Vivendi employees