Paris, April 19, 2007

Vivendi Appoints Philippe Capron as Chief Financial Officer and member of the Management Board

Vivendi has announced the appointment of Philippe Capron as Chief Financial Officer of the Group. The appointment was effective following Vivendi’s Annual

General Meeting on April 19, 2007. Mr. Capron joined the Group on January 1, 2007, and succeeds Jacques Espinasse as a member of the Management Board.

Mr. Espinasse indicated his desire to resign from his operational responsibilities at Vivendi over a year ago, in order to devote himself to his duties as an independent director. He joined Vivendi in July 2002 and was one of the principal architects of the Group’s recovery and subsequent development. Vivendi’s Supervisory and Management Boards extend sincere gratitude to Mr. Espinasse for his skills and enthusiasm, and for the crucial contribution that he has made to Vivendi’s success.