Paris, January 18, 2008

Vivendi closes the financing of Activision and Neuf Cegetel

In anticipation of financing requirements associated with the acquisitions of
Activision and Neuf Cegetel, Vivendi has just signed a new syndicated loan of
€3.5 billion underwritten by a pool of banks.

This new facility consists of 3 tranches:

  • €1.5 billion by way of a bridging loan repayable with the product of a rights issue of about the same amount to be carried out upon completion of the acquisition of Neuf Cegetel.
  • €2 billion by way of a “revolver” facility, half of which will be available over 3 years and half over 5 years.


These new sources of financing supplement the €4 billion in unused credit lines (maturing in 2012) and available cash of more than €1 billion at the end of 2007. They will enable Vivendi to meet its future commitments with complete security and flexibility.

Important disclaimer
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