Vivendi reasserts its ability to innovate and its goal of becoming a global player in the future of entertainment.

Vivendi, the first content, media and communications group to acquire a plot of land in The Sandbox one year ago, is pursuing its journey of exploration into the metaverse at the “French Weeks” event, organized by The Sandbox for its French partners from March 23 to April 6, 2023.

Together with the Havas Play agency, Vivendi has built its “clubhouse” in the interactive virtual world of The Sandbox and wishes to draw players into a virtual, play-based discovery of the group through an immersive experience accessible to all. Players will lead a “scavenger hunt” for 7 components, each representing a core Vivendi business (a camera, a light bulb, a pen, a magazine, a car from the Asphalt video game, a microphone, a “Play” logo). The players who complete this quest will be drawn to win one of the many “golden tickets” to a forthcoming major event in The Sandbox. Moreover, a random draw will award a “skin” (an avatar customisation component) to 500 players who collected all 7 components, conferring them VIP status in the Vivendi land.

According to Félicité Herzog, Vivendi’s Senior Vice President Strategy and Innovation, “building the Vivendi clubhouse and developing this first experience in The Sandbox speaks to Vivendi’s keen interest in the metaverse. Innovation is at the heart of Vivendi’s strategy: this shared experiential space enables our group to test, to learn from the community of players, and to apply our creativity in what will be one of the communication platforms of tomorrow.”

Vivendi was among the first international media groups to acquire its virtual land in The Sandbox,” notes Sébastien Borget, Co-founder & COO of The Sandbox. “We are delighted to host Vivendi’s first experience at the “French Weeks” and to witness how The Sandbox contributes to the group’s innovation strategy with new forms of entertainment.”

Stéphane Guerry, President & CEO of Havas Play, added: “Being the first communications group with the capacity to develop its own experiences and engage with its community in The Sandbox is a tremendous opportunity. The metaverse is a playground that is both infinite and perpetually under construction; as such, we remain humble in our approach and wish to develop our presence step by step, together with our audience, so we may become a recognised entertainment player in this environment for the long term.”

The Vivendi clubhouse opens on March 23 at:
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