Paris, October 21, 2013


Vivendi settles dispute with State of Argentina



Vivendi announced today that it has settled a dispute with the State of Argentina resulting from the termination of a water contract in Tucuman province in August 1997.

As a result of an international arbitration, Vivendi was awarded a debt in favor of Vivendi against the State of Argentina in August 2007.

Under a partnership agreement with an American fund, Vivendi negotiated to swap its debt with Argentinean bonds exchangeable on the secondary market.

After the sale of these bonds, Vivendi will receive a net amount of about US$64 million.



About Vivendi

Vivendi groups together leaders in content and media. Canal+ Group is the French leader in pay-TV, also operating in French-speaking Africa, Poland and Vietnam; its subsidiary StudioCanal is a leading European player in production, acquisition, distribution and international film sales. Universal Music Group is the world leader in music; it recently strengthened and diversified its position with the acquisition of EMI Recorded Music.

In telecommunications, Vivendi owns GVT, the leading alternative broadband operator in Brazil, and SFR, a French leader in telecoms.