Yesterday, Canal+ broadcasted the first episode of Kindia 2015”, an unprecedented new adventure in television. By engaging itself beyond the screens in a long-term action in Guinea, the documentary department of the Canal+ Group has launched an innovative editorial project. This move reconfirms the channel’s documentary policy and strategy, engaged with the world today, which aims to open minds to other cultures and encourages people to create a sustainable supportive world.


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“During four years, the teams will accompany development projects between France and Guinea, one of the poorest countries in the world, and more specifically in the area of Kindia. The Kindia 2015 project is a set of challenges to overcome by 2015 in collaboration with associations and NGOs which have a strong experience on the field: improving access to drinking water; equip and train fourteen maternal and infant health centers and thirty-two outposts. Establish a chain of waste management to reduce the city’s endemic pollution, which endangers the health of its inhabitants. Encourage an efficient and sustainable agriculture to promote food self-sufficiency and prevent deforestation. Encourage the education effort, especially among girls, too often forced to leave school to work or marry.
Kindia 2015, it will consist of one film a year, for four years, on Canal+. To measure project progress, report actions, show what works or what’s bugging.
Kindia 2015, it’s also a company adventure and a participatory adventure. Canal+ engages in an endowment fund to receive donations from the public and participate in the financing of projects, equally with individual donors.
Kindia 2015, is the challenge of a television channel that is committed beyond the screen.
To take action.”
Christine Cauquelin, director of documentaries for Canal+