To celebrate Human Rights Day, Vivendi is pleased to announce the production of an album “Made in Bamako” which will be released in January 2013. Indeed, Vivendi recognizes culture as an integral part of universal human rights, in accordance with Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed on December 10, 1948. According to this article: “Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community […]”, a goal achieved by the young Malian artists and technicians who recorded this unique album.

Indeed, in order to strengthen local production capacity through the promotion of local talents in Africa, Vivendi supports since 2006 a training program to encourage the sound engineer professional field. This program takes place in Bamako in the studio of the great songwriter-composer Salif Keita, a Universal Music France artist, who Vivendi accompanies in his desire to make of Moffou a cultural hub of Mali. The album “Made in Bamako”, coordinated by No Format!, is made on the occasion of the 8th session of this training. It illustrates the ability of apprentices to record and mix the productions of artists, from the most promising to the more established.

This program is fully aligned with the sustainable development policy of Vivendi, which as soon as 2003 has defined the promotion of cultural diversity as a priority of its societal responsibility. Vivendi warmly thanks Salid Keita and Ballaké Sissoko for their valuable contribution to this album.