As part of the two days (December 10 and 11) dedicated to highlighting the combat against poverty and social exclusion in France, Emmaüs Défi has inaugurated another second-hand store in Paris, in the presence of dignitaries including French President Francois Hollande. The opening of this new store is a concrete reflection of the partnership initiated in 2009 between SFR and Emmaüs Défi to help combat exclusion.

This partnership enabled Emmaüs Défi teams to rely on SFR employees’ know-how in organizing sales areas to start up the store. Plans to expand and provide a socially inclusive telephone solutions are also in the partnership.

This program is the only one currently in existence that meets the five criteria of a really “socially inclusive”* solution. It gives people in need access to a phone to maintain contact with society, receive calls from potential employers and their social worker and, of course, stay in touch with family and friends. The program consists of a socially inclusive mobile telephone offering accompanied by educational and social back-up (maintaining social ties, facilitating integration, using the mobile, managing costs and preventing over-indebtedness, etc.). Access to telecommunications on a daily basis is essential to rejoin mainstream society and live an independent life.

Today, 2,500 people have already taken advantage of this program in Paris and the idea now is to develop it on a national level, with the aim of covering the whole of France – and helping 100,000 people – by 2015.
Almost 200 SFR employees have contributed to the program since its inception.

A new initiative: Emmaüs Défi and SFR are reflecting on broadening the program’s scope to include Internet access. A trial will be launched in Paris at the beginning of 2013 to provide assistance with connection, equipment and training.


* As defined by ANSA, a French nonprofit that explores original outreach initiatives