Take advantage of this exclusive offer to learn more about the special Christmas selection at Charmandising, Universal Music’s online shop, where fans can buy merchandise dedicated to artists from the record company’s catalog. The offering includes a wide range of items: albums, CDs, DVDs, collector’s boxed sets, calendars, fan packs, T-shirts, pens, caps, lighters, keychains, programs and mugs. Whether your favorite style is pop, rock, metal, rap, R’n’B, soul, funk or reggae, in French or in English, there’s something here for everyone. The latest news on various artists is also available at www.charmandising.com.




Activision Blizzard
New Skylanders Giants figurines

Four totally new characters have come on the scene to join in the battle against the forces of evil. Players can now get to know Sprocket, an amateur inventor searching for her uncle, Flashwing, a dragon who can shoot laser blasts, Jet Vac, back in a brighter version with even more powers, and the fire giant Hot Head, who can burn anything that gets in his way. Young Skylanders Giants fans are sure to love these new additions to the Skylanders family.




SFR launches 4G in France 

SFR is the first operator to commercially launch 4G in France for the general public and businesses. Lyon is the first French city to receive very-high-speed mobile coverage. This launch marks a new era in mobile telephony. Since November 29, all SFR customers in Lyon – individuals and businesses alike – have been able to take advantage of mobile Internet with speeds and comfort levels higher than those possible with ADSL. This commercial launch will be based on a complete range of compatible devices, including smartphones, tablets and 4G Internet keys, with speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s. The operator will expand this service to Montpellier on December 18 and then to Marseille, Toulouse, Lille and Strasbourg in the first half of 2013.




Maroc Telecom
The Arriyadi package

With this new package, sports fans can fully immerse themselves in their favorite sports (soccer, basketball, tennis, track and field, and more) with unlimited sports television programs (Arrivadia, InfoSport, Ma Chaîne Sport) on their mobile phones, multimedia sporting-news alerts in both text and image form to keep them in touch with the latest developments, and access to a wide-ranging sports newspaper through the MobileZone WAP portal. Since the Arriyadi package is prepaid, there is no risk of exceeding credit limits, and the plan can be reloaded at any time.




Ivete Sangalo on GVT TV

GVT promotes to Belo Horizonte (MG) a free concert by Ivete Sangalo on December, 2nd. The estimated audience is 30 thousand people. She is one of the most popular and best-selling Brazilian female singers and having sold over 12 million albums worldwide. The city will receive for the 1st time her new tour “Real Fantasy” and it’s going to be broadcasted live by GVT TV and PMC – digital music service and video streaming in the address: www.pmc.com.br




Canalsat launches its 2012 advent calendar

This channel is getting ready for the holidays with the third version of its Christmas application, Canalsat Noël. Like a traditional advent calendar, this app brings you a surprise every day until Christmas. It can be downloaded for free onto tablets and smartphones (Android and Apple) from December 1 through 25. The surprises consist of content from the channel’s children’s programming, and the app can also be used to write to Santa. For more information, please visit The Father Christmas Channel website.