On July 8, Vivendi’s headquarters will host Mixity’s Workplace Inclusion Forum from 9:30 am to 12 pm. This online conference (register: here), to be held in the French language without translation, will notably include the participation of Olivia Grégoire, Minister of State for the Social, Inclusive and Responsible Economy.

The conference is organized by Mixity, a pioneer in France in evaluating the impact of diversity and inclusion of all types of organizations. Mixity has created a social footprint index based on five CSR themes (Gender, Disability, Multi-cultural, Multi-generational and LGBT+). This index works as an efficient measurement tool for D&I, just like the carbon footprint is for the environment.

The Mixity index is used in France by more than 40 companies, including Orange, Axa, SFR, Accenture, The Walt Disney Company France.  Its success and relevance warrant making it available in other countries. To do so, the 150 questions on which the index is based had to be examined for their relevance to the specificities and cultures of each country.

Vivendi, together with its subsidiaries Studiocanal in the UK, Dailymotion in the USA and Canal+ in Vietnam, undertook this task between January and May of this year. This initiative is perfectly in line with the objectives set by the Group’s CSR program, Creation for the Future, in particular the pillar Creation with All.  It took about ten meetings to make the Mixity index a relevant benchmark in each of these countries.

This process, rich in practical lessons, enables Mixity to now offer an index that can be used by organizations throughout the world. As the MeToo and BlackLivesMatter movements have shown us,  discrimination affects all countries!