Fully committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the world of work, Vivendi was particularly active during the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities (SEEPH).

As a partner of LADAPT (an association for the social and professional integration of people with disabilities), which has been organizing the SEEPH for 27 years, the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department set up a program based on the SEEPH’s 2023 theme – digital transition, an accelerator for the employment of people with disabilities –  and on a subject chosen by its entities – how to relieve carers of people with disabilities.

On Monday November 20, an e-conference on “AI and Disability” and co-branded with LADAPT was held, with a presentation by Fabien Aufrechter, Vice President Web 3.0 at Vivendi. At a time when jobs in the digital sector are under pressure, people with disabilities have a key role to play.

On Tuesday November 21, Prisma Media and LADAPT organized a conference on the theme of carers of people with disabilities. Helping a family member with disabilities requires time, energy and investment. How can these carers combat physical and psychological exhaustion, fight isolation, and take time off to rest or carry out their projects?

On Thursday November 23, Vivendi took part in DuoDay, which has a dual objective:

– Welcome disabled people looking for work within the company for a day. Each employee volunteer formed a duo with a disabled person, enabling them to discover Vivendi and its business and to participate in its tasks.

– Better understand people with disabilities, combat stereotypes and discover new talent.

In total, across the Group (in France), 23 duos were set up, involving 40 employees who volunteered.

On Friday November 24, an online Hackathon was launched with the aim of looking at how to make life easier at work for carers of people with disabilities. After a presentation of the theme and several testimonials, five teams made up of employees from all the Group’s entities worked throughout the morning, with the help of BIG BLOOM (a specialist provider of solidarity Hackathons), to come up with a concrete idea to meet this challenge. At the end of the morning, a jury chaired by Céline Merle-Béral, Chief of HR Strategy and Corporate Culture at Vivendi, listened to the pitches from each group and selected an idea that could be implemented.

All these head office initiatives were complemented by events specific to each of the Group’s entities, including conference in English organized by Dailymotion on the theme of invisible disability.

And Canal+ became the first company to open a Café Joyeux (a restaurant that employs disabled people) on its premises with the inauguration taking place on November 23.

The inclusion of people with disabilities is one of the pillars of Vivendi’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy.