Vivendi is a world leader in culture, content, media, and communications, with a strong commitment to culture. Its businesses are built on passion, creativity, and talent. Diversity, fairness, and inclusion are among Vivendi’s major commitments. In this context, Vivendi pays particular attention to gender equality.

At the 5th edition of “100 femmes de culture”, of which Vivendi is a partner, the group was doubly represented: Félicité Herzog, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Vivendi and author[2], was one of the “100 femmes de Culture” of the year, and Claire Léost, CEO of Prisma Media and author[3], was a member of the jury. She was also one of the “100 femmes de Culture” last year.

“Creativity, passion, and daring are at the heart of Vivendi’s DNA. Having the chance to draw inspiration from talented women with meaningful cultural projects is very enriching for our group, which is resolutely committed to putting the spotlight on women and guaranteeing them the place they deserve. Being a partner of “100 Femmes de Culture” is a real source of pride for us and is fully in line with our actions to promote equality between men and women”, emphasized Yannick Bolloré, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

“’Women of culture’ were inspired by France, particularly during the Age of Enlightenment. Their indispensable contributions to knowledge and creation are exemplary of a freedom that remains fragile and is sometimes confiscated around the world. It is an honor and a pleasure to be included among the “100 femmes de culture” this year”, said Félicité Herzog.

“I’m very honored to celebrate courageous women, fighters, adventurers, who follow their spirit and their wishes. And who refuse to be labelled, stereotyped, and to live only one life. I hope this award will give them even more strength. My congratulations to all the winners of this 5th edition, and in particular to Félicité Herzog”, added Claire Léost.

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Félicité Herzog et Claire Léost
Félicité Herzog and Claire Léost