Vivendi is pleased to be a partner of the First European Media and Information Literacy Forum, held in Paris on May 27 and 28 2014. This conference is funded by the European Commission and UNESCO, and co-organized by the EMEDUS  Project and the Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación (UAB), within the Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL).


The Forum will bring together governments, audio-visual authorities, institutions, experts, teachers, media professionals, industry, researchers, NGOs, and foundations with the aim of promoting media and information literacy in Europe, discussing MIL (Media and Information Literacy) policies at European level and fostering cooperation and initiatives at both national and European levels.

The forum’s main objective is to contribute to the establishment of a reinforced European media literacy policy. The event will also include the final results of COST network and ANR Translit, with whose work Vivendi is associated.

  • Listen to the Vivoice’s podcast on the occasion of the conference “Public Policies in Media and Information Literacy in Europe. Training and Capacity Building in the Digital Age” 


Vivendi will speak during the session “Media industry and Media and Information Literacy” and is part of the drafting committee for the “Declaration on Augmented Media and Information Literacy in the Digital Erato be launched on Wednesday May 28. Vivendi is the first company to take part in such a declaration.