CanalTour: reaching out to subscribers, scouting new talent

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CanalTour: reaching out to subscribers, scouting new talent

Canal+ hosts met the channel’s subscribers in Lyon while Vivendi scouted the Group’s new talents.

The Canal+ Group introduced the CanalTour, a traveling event featuring the channel’s hosts presenting a 100% exclusive show for subscribers, in May 2016, as part of the Canal Premier Rang program. The first show, at the Olympia in Paris on 31 May last year, was a big hit, then it moved on to Bordeaux in September, Lille in October, Nantes in November and Marseille in December. And several of Canal+’s best-known mainstays were on the stage at Lyon’s Amphithéâtre de la Cité Internationale last night.

Marie Portolano and Hervé Mathoux, who host Jour de Foot and Canal Football Club respectively, emceed this upbeat and carefree show and the artists – Daphné Roulier, Laurent Weil, Isabelle Ithurburu, Sébastien Thoen, Laurie Cholewa, Lamine Lezghad, Jordi and Martin, Kevin Razy, etc. – had a great time in their sketches and other exclusive features for subscribers in Lyon.

A private concert by Mercury/Universal Music artist Thomas Dutronc wrapped up the evening.

During the CanalTour, Vivendi also used the opportunity to find tomorrow’s talent for Canal+, Universal Music and Olympia Production.

The first casting took place during the CanalTour in Marseille on December 6 last, and Vivendi did it again in Lyon yesterday.

No fewer than 70 candidates from Lyon took up Vivendi Talents’ invitation and gave it all they got. The line-up was open to anyone who wants to be a comedian, singer or commentator. The candidates had up to 1 minute and 30 seconds to enthrall the jury doing whatever they pleased – “which isn’t long, but long enough to gauge a candidate’s potential” says Vivendi Talents Director Christelle Graillot, who was delighted to see so many talents turn up. “We were looking for something authentic and we’re thrilled with the gems we’ve spotted here in Lyon.”