The Individual Shareholders’ Committee held its meeting with some of its members attending the meeting in person and some members participating by videoconference to comply with health regulations.

Review of Vivendi’s 2020 results

Solange Maulini, Vivendi’s VP Shareholder Relations and Press Director, reviewed the Group’s recent developments, in particular the study of the distribution of 60% of Universal Music Group (UMG)’s shares to Vivendi shareholders, the acquisition of a 9.9% stake in Prisa, and the put option granted to Vivendi to purchase 100% of Prisma Media.

Prisa, which owns El Pais, Santillana, Cadena SER, Radio Caracol, AS and Los 40 Principales, is the Spanish-speaking leader in media and education. The acquisition of a stake in Prisa is part of Vivendi’s strategy to strengthen its position as a global content, media and communications group and expand its access to Spanish-speaking markets in Europe, Latin America and the United States.

Prisma Media is the leading French press group in the sector, in print and digital, with twenty essential flagship brands of the magazine press (Femme Actuelle, GEO, via Capital, Gala, Télé Loisirs,…). In accordance with applicable regulations, the contemplated acquisition remains subject to the information and consultation process with Prisma Media’s employee representative bodies, the authorization from the relevant competition authorities as well as the finalization of legal documentation.

Solange Maulini then presented Vivendi’s 2020 results, highlighting the resilience of its main businesses as well as the increase in consolidated revenues (+1.2% compared to 2019) and earnings from operations before tax and minority interests (+47.7% compared to 2019), the indicator that reflects best the group’s performance compared to 2019.

Vivendi’s VP Shareholder Relations went on to provide details on the activities of the Group’s various business units in the fourth quarter of 2020 and over the full year 2020 before finishing with a presentation of Vivendi’s strategy to create a global leader in content, media and communications.

Finally, she reminded that General Shareholders Meetings will be held on March 29, 2021 (Extraordinary) and on June 22, 2021 (Combined Annual), at which one of the resolutions to be voted on concerns the proposed dividend per share for 2020 (€0.60 per share).

Presentation of the mock-ups of the Letter to Shareholders and the Universal Registration Document

Drafts of the next Shareholders Letter and the 2020 Universal Registration Document were presented to the Committee.

Interview with Simon Gillham, member of Vivendi’s Management Board

The Committee met then Simon Gillham, member of the Management Board, Chairman of Vivendi Village and EVP Communications, who reviewed the progress made by the Group since 2014 before commenting on the outlook.

In particular, he explained the plan distribution of 60% of UMG share capital to Vivendi shareholders, recalling the increase in UMG’s valuation since 2013, which illustrates the ability of Vivendi’s management to increase the value of the assets held by the Group.

Simon Gillham then answered the Committee’s questions on the planned distribution of 60% of UMG’s share capital to shareholders, the potential of this subsidiary, the prospects offered by the consortium led by Tencent, Vivendi’s position vis-a-vis to M6, the acquisition of a stake in Lagardère and on strategy.

Acceleration of the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into Vivendi’s financial communications

Delphine Maillet, Vivendi’s Director of Investor Relations, outlined the acceleration of integrating ESG criteria into the Group’s financial communications.

This process, initiated by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Yannick Bolloré, at the Shareholders’ Meeting of April 20, 2020, is characterized by the intensification of collaboration between various transversal internal working groups and the deepening of dialogue with investors and ESG analysts. Vivendi consulted the leading French and international ESG institutional investors owning an interest in Vivendi’s capital. As a result, the Group has gained a better understanding of their methodologies, expectations, and perception of the Group’s ESG performance.

Vivendi redefined its CSR program in 2020, putting its social, societal and environmental impacts into perspective and setting a first milestone for 2025. The new program, entitled Creation for the Future, directly ties in with Vivendi’s raison d’être: Creation Unlimited.

Vivendi offers a perfect environment for all types of talent in the creative industries. This is why the Group has defined its raison d’être through its tagline Creation Unlimited, meaning to unleash creation by revealing all talent, valuing all ideas and cultures and sharing them with as many people as possible. This raison d’être enables Vivendi to create value not only for the company but for the entire creative community and represents a genuine commitment on the part of Vivendi, its management and its employees.