“Ensemble à l’Olympia”, the music television show in the name of solidarity, broadcast on June 9, 2020, on C8 and CStar, shortly after the end of confinement in France, may never have become reality without being an integrated group with all concerned parties fully committed to make it happen.

In only a few weeks, Vivendi’s businesses worked together with Canal+ Group, l’Olympia, Olympia Production and Flab Prod, and, along with the generosity of the artists involved and the support of Crédit Mutuel, l’Olympia’s long-standing partner, to give birth to “Ensemble à l’Olympia”, an initiative designed to help support the Emmaüs France charity.

Two weeks after the end of confinement in France, the festive event was recorded on May 27 and 28, 2020 at l’Olympia, under extremely strict health and safety conditions and with access closed to the public.

The driving force behind this project is Christophe Sabot, President of Olympia Production (Vivendi Village) and CStar, who was eager to demonstrate that culture and music do not stop even in the tricky times we are going through: “It’s thrilling to see such a buzz at l’Olympia again, to see the artists and technicians looking happy. We’ve put this plan together to let artists take to the stage again and to get things back into motion.” 

>> See the “Ensemble à l’Olympia” press release here (in French).

Copyright: Mathieu Ninat/Canalplus