About 50 Canal+, Havas, Editis, Prisma Media, Gameloft, Vivendi Village and Dailymotion employees got together at Vivendi’s head office in mid-April 2022 for the Innovation Hackathon, the first in a series of intensive work sessions set to become key highlights at Vivendi over the coming months.

The goal for this first hackathon, sponsored by Yannick Bolloré, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Stéphane Roussel, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Management Board, was to interlink expertise from each business in order to imagine a range of shared projects revolving around two themes:

  1. Positioning Vivendi in the metaverse and NFTs;
  2. Stimulating and supporting innovation group-wide.

After recapping the three focus areas in Vivendi’s strategy—adapt and transform our businesses, internationalize our group, and reinforce our integrated corporate culture by building more bridges between our entities—,Yannick Bolloré zoomed in on innovation as one of the group’s growth pillars and a central lever to generate global, sustainable and solid performance and to establish our position in the metaverse.

The first challenge participants explored: how to blend the metaverse and NFTs into Vivendi’s strategy

This new universe, where all the creation still lies ahead and where Vivendi therefore has a key role to play, fascinates participants, said Félicité Herzog, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Innovation, who set this hackathon in motion. The topics include:

  • How to use the 9 hectare plot of virtual land that the group recently acquired in the video game The Sandbox?
  • What concrete and profitable applications, tapping into our range of know-how, could we create and promote in this revolutionary realm?

The second challenge: how to promote and stimulate innovation within the group

  • The requirements and the methods and tools to foster conversations about innovation between Vivendi entities;
  • The resources businesses need to turn innovative ideas into projects that create value and to support the pivotal projects that rise to the surface in the group.

After reviewing dozens of ideas, pitching and debating, Vice President Innovation Sébastien Auligny is pleased to report, the 50 participants have already come up with down-to-earth, pioneering and exhilarating ideas. There is no doubt that the ideas from this hackathon will contribute to Made in Vivendi content moving forward, positioning innovation ever closer to the core of Vivendi’s strategy.

Yannick Bolloré, Félicité Herzog et Stéphane Roussel Restitution d'un travail collectif Groupe de travail attablé lors du Hackathon Innovation Vivendi Groupe de travail attablé lors du Hackathon Innovation Vivendi