Committee meeting minutes

The Committee meets three times per year. One meeting is held after the first half-yearly results and another before the General Shareholders’ Meeting, an occasion devoted to dialogue between the group and its individual shareholders. The Committee also attends the General Shareholders’ Meeting.


The meeting held on November 29, 2019 meeting was an opportunity to integrate the seven new members of the Vivendi Shareholder Committee, appointed in October 2019 following  its partial renewal.

Christine Pigeyre, Vice President of Vivendi External Relations, CEO and Chairman of Vivendi Sports and Chairman of CanalOlympia, welcomed the new members and invited each participant to introduce themselves.


Update on the Group’s strategy, activities and latest financial results

Solange Maulini, Vivendi’s Vice President individual shareholder relations and Director of press relations, presented the Group’s ambition to “Build a world leader of European origin in content, media and communication ” and stressed the importance of synergies between the businesses.

She reviewed Vivendi’s 2018 key figures, the results of the first half of 2019 and  revenues for the third quarter of 2019. She detailed the main operating performances of the Group’s major subsidiaries.

Ms. Maulini also gave an update on Vivendi’s Italian investments.


Discussion with a member of Vivendi’s Management Board

Simon Gilham, a Member of Vivendi Management Board, and Chairman of Vivendi Village and Senior Executive Vice President, Communications, spoke with the Committee and, in particular, with the new members.

Mr. Gilham highlighted the Group’s presence throughout the content value chain, from discovering and supporting the artists to creating, editing and distributing content. He also commented on Vivendi’s current news, particularly concerning Italy.

He then answered members’ questions concerning the share buybacks, the consideration of CO2 emissions by Internet servers, and the assessment of Vivendi’s strategy by the rating agencies.


Review of Vivendi’s 2019 Festivals

Christophe Sabot, Chief Executive Officer of Olympia Production, presented to the Committee the 2019 financial report of the entity he heads and more specifically of the festivals activity (evolution compared to the previous year, contribution to the Group, etc.).

He outlined the environment and the specificities and the constraints of this business. He then explained his strategy and its developments based on intra-Group synergies.

Mr. Sabot answered the Committee’s questions, in particular on the profits from an event, the partnership with Bpifrance, and links with the artists.


Presentation on  Create Joy, Vivendi’s Solidarity Program

Diane Emdin, Head of Vivendi Create Joy, presented the Vivendi solidarity program launched in 2008, detailing the partnerships as well as the  program’s operations and initiatives. She also explained how she set up the employee engagement days and the Vivendi Create Joy platform dedicated to these days.

Ms. Emdin then discussed with the Committee notably on the budget of Vivendi Create Joy, the evaluation of projects, the geographical distribution of partnerships, and their renewal.


Friendly luncheon

The Committee continued its discussions at a friendly luncheon with Christine Pigeyre, Solange Maulini, Diane Emdin and the entire Vivendi Individual Shareholders Relations team.


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