32 Havas Group France-based entities have been awarded ISO 14001 certification for their Environmental Management Systems, joining the other 35 global entities already certified – 28% of the Group’s global headcount is now operating under ISO 14001 certification.

Havas Group is proud to announce that it has obtained ISO 14001 certification for 32 of its entities based in France. Awarded at the end of December 2020 by the Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais (LNE), the certification of the Group’s Environmental Management System (EMS) by the world’s highest and most recognised standards demonstrates Havas’ commitments to reducing the environmental footprint of its operations and services, as well as to taking concrete action to fight climate change.

During recent years, corporate social responsibility has been an integral part of everything Havas does. Ever since 2009, the Group has committed to operating as a responsible business and defined six CSR commitments together with ambitious objectives to guide all its practices and businesses. In 2020, it launched Havas Positive Impact, a unique CSR brand structuring its six commitments around three key pillars: environment, meaningful communication and people.

In line with Havas Positive Impact and in order to improve its environmental performance, Havas has decided to implement a continual improvement process through an ISO 14001-certified EMS – a set of processes and practices that enable the organisation to reduce its environmental impact, as well as increase its operating efficiency.

The EMS provides a global framework for Havas’ entities to integrate environmental aspects into their operations and services that go beyond reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. It pushes them to measure the environmental impact of their campaigns via carbon calculators and the search for innovative solutions to minimise this impact through the creation of eco-campaigns. This is a global effort to truly integrate the environment within the Group’s business strategy and support its clients’ efforts to reduce their environmental impact.

In January 2020, Havas Group established the “Green Team” – a dedicated strategic team in France made up of representatives from the executive committees and agency leaders – in charge of the creation, implementation and certification of the EMS in France. In November 2020, during five continuous days, LNE audited Havas’ entities, evaluating all environmental aspects within the company, giving incentives to continuously improve the EMS, and ultimately awarding the ISO 14001 certification.

Yannick Bolloré, Chairman and CEO Havas Group, says: “Many thanks to the team that has overseen the certification process over the past few months and played such an important part in everything running so smoothly in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m proud of our entities and of the positive signal this certification is sending after the unprecedented year we went through.

The 32 newly certified entities in France join the 35 entities already certified in the UK and Spain. 28% of the Group’s global headcount is now operating under ISO 14001 certification. This system will be deployed worldwide in the coming months as it helps us achieve our environmental objectives and is key to meet its client’s expectations. It is also a further step towards supporting its agencies in their journey to obtaining the B Corp certification.

Lorella Gessa, Chief Communications & CSR Officer Havas Group, commented: “Havas Group encourages our entities to harness the power of creative ideas through our communications to bring about positive change in society. Our goal is to encourage our industry to practice responsible communication, raise professional standards and help our clients become a force for good.

We have set ourselves ambitious goals as part of this certification in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and we now aim to be carbon neutral in 2025. Ultimately, our ambition is to become the leading communication group on environmental issues.” adds Yannick Bolloré.

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